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Happy Anniversary To Kemba Walker Snapping Gary McGhee's Ankles At MSG

Big East

8 years ago today Kemba Walker became Kemba as he snapped Gary McGhee’s ankles and entire body in half with his crossover stepback game winner at MSG. Did it lead to Kemba eventually ripping my heart out in the Final Four? You bet your sweet ass it did. But, this is still just an all time filthy move. To me it’s the 2nd filthiest move in our era of conference tournaments behind Randolph Childress giving Jeff McInniss the come hither

Fucking love this week. It’s a week delayed this year, but that’s fine. Just a million games on every day. Day time hoops to watch and bet on. Runs during conference tournaments you don’t see coming. Guys like Kemba doing this. Such an awesome 10 day stretch or so.