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James Dolan Threw A Knicks Fan Out Of MSG And Reportedly Banned Him For Life Because He Yelled "Sell The Team" At Dolan

TMZ- New York Knicks owner James Dolan got pissed when a fan urged him to sell the team to someone who can help them win … so he flexed his owner muscles and 86’d the guy.

Witnesses tell us the fan was held while 2 cops and security came over to ID and question him before asking him to leave. It’s unclear if he’s been permanently banned from Knicks games … we’re working on it.

An MSG spokesperson tells TMZ … “Our policy is and will continue to be that if you are disrespectful to anyone in our venues, we will ask you not to return.”

Look at Little Jimmy Dolan power tripping his Ewok dick off and tossing a fan for saying *checks notes* “Sell the team”. The audacity, the unmitigated gall, the (insert another synonym Stephen A. Smith would say in an angry rant)! People that don’t follow the Knicks closely probably think Knicks fans exaggerate about how awful James Dolan is. They don’t hear the stories where he allegedly attacked fans in letters, accused people of being alcoholics, and see videos where he acts like Commodus in Gladiator giving people a thumbs down and allegedly banning them for life simply for asking Dolan to free their team from the living hell that is his ownership. I mean there wasn’t even an argument in that video. It was a reckless display of power and ego that would make Joey Crawford rock hard. I don’t understand why someone worth more than a billion dollars would want willingly want to be the most hated man in a city full of some of the angriest people on Earth. Yet here we are. Dolan got lucky in that video if you ask me. If I ever see Dolan in person, I won’t ask him to sell the team. Shout out to the leader of the Fire Dolan movement and my favorite Knick of all-time for fighting back against The Man.

Despite all this however, I remain convinced that incidents like this can do no harm in the courtship of a certain definitely not 7 foot reigning two-time NBA Finals MVP. Playing for an owner that happily will ban any and all of the haters at the drop of the hat is probably pretty enticing to this hypothetical franchise changing superstar.

HOWEVAH, being owned by a clown shoe that does shit like this doesn’t help the Knicks cause one bit.