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Barstool HQ Week In Review: Rolling In The Mud

Monday 3/4

I arrived to my desk Monday morning to find a box of shirts right next to my chair. It was kind of in my way so I moved it closer to the bathroom door, which did make it more of a hazard for people. A few people walked by and tripped on it throughout the day. I felt a little bad about it, but whatever. At least I didn’t have to deal with it.

In other very minor news, Ring Pops have been added to our snack room. A real blast from the past. I like the idea and taste of them, but they make my fingers too sticky. I chose to not have one all week.

On The Rundown, they debated how mouse can redeem himself after Feits put him six feet under on Sunday.

We also had some Mickstape infighting with Coley trying to teach Dana about fire safety.

I don’t blame Dana for lighting the candle. I sit right behind him, and it does absolutely reek of shit all day. He gets it much worse than I do though so I don’t care too much.

Spittin Chiclets dropped an episode where Frankie went toe-to-toe with Sean Avery.

That’s that Team Portnoy fire.

Then the big news of the day was Miel. She dropped this huge Twitter thread which would set the tone for the rest of the week. I know you didn’t miss it, but here it is anyway.

Our initial reaction was just “We messed up. She has a right to be upset.” By the end of the week, that mindset had changed just a little.

Tuesday 3/5

A lot of radio, Rundown, and blogs were about the social fiasco we found ourselves in. The first Deadspin hit piece about it had dropped. Dave was in Vegas but released this (very well done) blog.

Everyone was just kind of embarrassed by the $50 gift card offer, but maintained that we didn’t intentionally do anything wrong or malicious.

The bright spot of the day was Game Of Thrones releasing their Season 8 trailer. The whole office basically stopped to watch it and you could hear it playing on everyone’s computer.

I got goosebumps, but that could’ve been because it was about 48 degrees inside HQ all day.

I spent some time Tuesday serving the people. I got a DM on Instagram saying “tell your fucking Giants to franchise Landon Collins and trade him for Antonio Brown.” So I called the Giants and respectfully placed his request.

Man of the people.

Elsewhere, one big difference this week is the new Stool Scenes, which dropped yesterday. Instead of YP being the primary camera man, Hank is now in charge. Big Cat has been giving him shit for it all week.

(Get it? His nickname is Big Cat but he was holding a camera!)

Will this lead to some inner-PMT turmoil? Stay tuned!

Wednesday 3/6

My morning got off to an awkward start. Was waiting for the elevator as I stood next to a woman and her dog. The elevator door opened. It was unclear who was going to go in first. I was closer and there first, but I was going to be a gentleman and let her go. Nobody moved when the door opened until she said, “Go.” I thought she was talking to me. I thought “Kind of rude, but whatever” as I started to walk in the elevator. Turns out she was talking to the dog, which makes way more sense. So we kind of bumped into each other. Just not how you want to start a day.

Wednesday was Big Ev’s first day on the third floor after getting the call-up last week.

I like the Double Vodka Don so it’s nice having him up here. I just want to make sure he settles into an area that is not right on top of me. I like Big Ev, but I like personal space more.

Steven Cheah walked upstairs, and I complimented the video he put out that morning of his baby rolling over.

I asked him how old he was, and he responded with the most Steven Cheah line of all time.

The big topic of the day was another Deadspin hit piece. This one was just a general one about how racist and sexist everyone who works for and follows Barstool is. Just your standard stuff. Kmarko wrote a great response blog. It’s a vicious cycle, but that’s mud life.

It’s not even like their latest hit piece had an ounce of creativity. It just followed my hit piece mad lib almost exactly.

Truly stunning.

Thursday 3/7

Thursday was Dave’s return to the office. Nobody else wanted to throw a “Welcome Back” party because they’re haters. I was happy to see him return though.

It was a lovely sight to return to for him and Erika.

On The Rundown, Dave and The Cat talked about their gambling holes and how you want to avoid treaties.

It’s a good thing March Madness is right around the corner. We’re going to be sleeping over at a sports book. I’ll need to use all my powers to get Dave out of this giant hole.

Later, Dave made his return to Barstool Radio. There was quite a lot to cover. Our stance on Miel had slowly changed. It became clear that, while she did have a legitimate bone to pick with us, she also very much had an anti-Barstool agenda, evidenced by her self-congratulatory media tour.

Drew “Pussy” Magary has also been challenged to a formal debate against Dave. The offer stands for anyone else at Deadspin/on the Internet that hates us.

By the end of the show, we had decided that Miel was actually a liar, a criminal for stealing the video idea, and also maybe sexist. That night, Dave put out this masterpiece of a blog recapping it all.

Friday 3/8

I’m in Tampa for Yankees spring training doing interviews with Hubbs for The Short Porch, so I missed out on the office action. But from following along, here’s what I can gather.

There was a Skype Rundown for Barstool Gold.

The sign in the back was a nice touch.

Dave had a lovely conversation at Starbucks.

That’s what happens when I’m not there to get his coffee.

Vibbs asked the office what they’re hoping for at the new HQ.

On Barstool Radio, a kid who called Frankie’s girlfriend ugly tried to get a job. Dave and Dan were sweating some bets.

I’ll be back Monday so the greatest broadcast team in sports can ride again.

And to wrap up the week, of course there was some more Deadspin drama.

And that concludes another week in the mud.