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This Is What Murder Looks Like

Sweet Jesus Christ. We’ve got a homicide on our hands in the AHL. You might think that a Friday night game between the Cleveland Monsters and the Belleville Senators is a friendly atmosphere but you would be DEAD WRONG. That is one of the most violent hits I’ve seen since Lindros/Stevens and this almost makes that look like patty cake. The pure impact on his head or even just whiplash alone was like a car accident. There’s a real chance he re-arranged his DNA.

I totally get the “don’t admire your pass” sentiment but with that being said, it seems like it was still a tiny bit late. The game is played so fast and there’s no way to perfectly do the math in the moment, but goddamn if he didn’t know he was going to injure him on this play. The giver, Darren Archibald has had a few stints with the Canucks and the receiver, Adam Clendening has had cups of coffee with 7 different teams, most notably the Rangers. Neither are strangers to AHL/NHL level of hockey and you have to think both parties will have a strong opinion on this hit.

Tough customer Brett Gallant made sure Archibald answered for the hit shortly after.

This was not the end of the theatrics in this game however, as Kole Sherwood hit Jordan Murray with a DANGEROUS hit as time expired. This is pure horseshit in my opinion and should see a suspension. Absolutely cannot hit a dude from behind that distance from the boards, that’s how people get paralyzed.