I Defy Somebody To Name A Song With A Better Opening Hook That Turns Out To Be Just "Meh" Than Los Lonely Boys "Heaven"


So I was listening to Pandora Jimmy Buffet today per usual. No I won’t debate you that it’s the best Pandora station out there because it is. Anyway Los Lonely Boys “Heaven” came on and the same thing happened to me that has happened the last 1,000 times I’ve heard this song. I fell for the hook in the very beginning. Like by the time they say “Vamanos” I’ve already transported myself to some tropical island dreaming of senoritas and margaritas. But then the song begins and I crash back to earth sitting in my dirty office, still slightly balding and blogging for a living. It’s amazing. Is there any song that has a better beginning and then doesn’t live up to the hype than this tune? I defy somebody to come up with a bigger letdown song than this.