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LSU Suspended Will Wade To Make Me Look Like A Moron While Making The Situation More Confusing


So, naturally, about an hour after I wrote this:

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 2.43.34 PM

So yeah, naturally I look like a moron. But, I stand by my thought process (after talking to some people who I respect in the Biz (business for short).) But, I also can understand what LSU is doing here.

They are trying to save face for a couple of reasons. First, let’s take it to JackMack’s twitter for a reasonable response:

Also, they can try to go to the NCAA and say ‘hey, look we tried to take actions once we figured out what was going on.’ Again this is all working under the allegations end up being true to an NCAA violation. That’s still a key here. This is an ‘investigation’. We don’t have a clear picture of what exactly happened yet.

But the suspension of Wade just opens up more questions for me. Are we going to see a player suspended too? Because the report says it’s about a current player. The assumption is it’s Javonte Smart based on the ‘smart’ used in the report. If they sit Smart then they are really assuming guilt here and trying to be ‘proactive’ in it. If they don’t sit Smart, then, what exactly is the suspension of Wade doing? It seems a bit counterproductive or confusing without a player also being suspended.

Remember, you can vacate games with an ineligible player. If money was exchanged – which is the assumption – that player is then deemed ineligible.

Now, we’ve seen something similar before. Sean Miller was ‘suspended’ for a game last year when ESPN had a report of him on a wiretap talking about payment for Deandre Ayton. That ended up lasting 1 game because of holes in that report. Could we see something similar here?

Vecenie brings up two good points here too:


Force the NCAA’s hands and there is still leeway in the details. Those are two important things. UNLESS, there is more that’s about to come out and LSU found out and this is a move to preemptive fire Wade and save the AD/Chancellor’s ass. But, based on what we know so far this just made it a bit more confusing of a situation.

So, yes, I look like a moron for writing that blog. But, I stand by my reasoning. Mostly you have to force the NCAA into making the decision. Again, this is all new for them including how they can use court evidence.