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REPORT: Millenials Are Killing Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s said Chicago is one of the hottest places in the country for young people, but a new study shows more millennials leaving the city than moving to it.

Here’s the conventional wisdom: companies like McDonald’s are moving into the city to be more attractive to young workers; who prefer to be close to Chicago’s amenities, top restaurants, and nightlife.

Khwaja’s group reflects what the Brookings Institution learned — between 2012 and 2017, Chicago had a net loss of 13,757 millennials.

“To live here and survive, you need to make money to feed your family, to feed yourself, to put a roof over your head,” said Reynolds-Tyler. “And it’s becoming increasingly more difficult.”

Fucking Millenials man, they’re at it again and this time they’re coming for our HOME. This is Chicago. City of Big Shoulders. It’s world class city and millenials are disappearing at alarming rates because they can’t “afford a place to live” or “feed themselves” boo hoo. Do you know what is at risk if too many millenials leave the city? Do you know what we will lose?

1) Instagram Locations That Serve Pizza

2) Instagram Locations That Serve Tacos

3) Instagram Sightseeing locations

4) Instagram Monuments

Are Millenials really willing to sacrifice all of this? Are they willing to actually eat pizza as opposed to just taking pictures of it? Seems like a pretty big sacrifice. Millenials need to think about what is really important? Food and shelter or instagram likes? There’s no better instagram city than Chicago.