Browns Wished Kevin Zeitler A Happy Birthday Then Traded Him Two Hours Later

Happy Birthday!

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 12.05.46 PM


* pauses for played out “his birthday gift is being traded from Cleveland” jokes *

So, on one hand, this is how the NFL works. It’s a business, but on the other hand, telling someone they have to uproot, move and leave a good, young promising team is tough. Going to a place like New York (New Jersey) definitely helps. Doing it on their birthday, though? Now that is crazy.

It reminds me of this scene from ‘Frost/Nixon’ where David Frost just wants to celebrate his fucking birthday…

In terms of the deal, this is a great move for both squads. The Giants need offensive line help. The Browns needed someone else off the edge. Zeitler is a massive upgrade for New York and the Browns get a guy in Vernon who, when healthy, is an elite player off the edge.

Pairing Olivier Vernon with Myles Garrett and Larry Ogunjobi?


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(Sorry for using two SpongeBob memes)

Austin Corbett was a second-round draft pick for the Browns last year. While Zeitler is good, you have to insert Corbett into the starting position sooner or later. It’s a move that makes sense for both teams.

Are the Browns done today? I don’t think so. John Dorsey actually traded for Jarvis Landry, Damarious Randall, and Tyrod Taylor (ha) on the Friday before free agency last year. You know he is working the phones!

Go Browns.