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Question of Day - Is It Worse To Get Your Beef Too Dry Or Too Wet?

Alright last night one of my guys was getting a beef at the United Center during the Hawks Game. Turns out the Sabres haven’t won in Chicago in like 12 years btw. That’s pretty fucking embarrassing. But not the point. Point is my guy was getting a beef:

And then another guy was like Whoa Slow Down

And then I was like that’s weird I didn’t know a beef could be too wet. But then I thought some more and I suppose if the beef is over-saturating the paper to the point that the paper is now fully integrated with the bread, well then we’ve got ourselves a problem. If provolone doesn’t belong then the same goes for paper. That’s a no brainer.

FINISHED-als-italian-beef-chicago.0.0I’ve been a bad boy.

Anyways, it got me thinking maybe there are other “My Beef Is Too Wet” guys out there and turns out there are. Not a lot. But some.

So with that I want to recap some of the best answers to my hard hitting investigation because remember we’re all journalists here:

Final answer, it’s worse to get a beef too dry but it’s not as clear cut as some of the Beefs in my mentions make it seem. It’s clear there’s a breaking point of being unmanageable, and you need to consider timeliness on extra wet beefs. Here’s probably my favorite point: you can’t unwet a beef. That’s very true. But the ultimate authority is, of course, back to our guy NeedaBeef69 on his ultimate guidance

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 11.39.02 AMPS –  If you haven’t already heard, NeedaBeef69 joined Eddie on dog walk this week to talk about Mousegate. It’s must listen entertainment. He jumps on around the 14 minute mark.