Vince Carter Continues To Give The Middle Finger To Father Time With This Big News

Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls


I’ve blogged all year about how I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to living legends Dirk and Vince Carter, and with Dirk not being fully on board with hanging it up and then Vince Carter going on PTI last night and dropping the bomb that he’s committed to at least one more season, I could not be happier. What I loved about Carter dropping this bomb was when you heard him talk about his reasoning and what he’s looking for at this point in his career, he still isn’t about that ride the bench for a title life. I don’t think there’s a person on the planet that would blame him if he just joined the Warriors, but instead I have to respect his stance that he just wants to play. If that’s with the stinky Hawks or someone else then so be it, but he’s not willing to sacrifice not playing in order to win a ring. That’s something you don’t hear a lot of 42 year olds who have never won a ring before say. It’s obviously the one thing Vince doesn’t have in his HOF career, and there’s certainly no shame in doing that. David West did something similar and it didn’t hurt his legacy or anything like that.


But the reality is even as a 42 year old Vince Carter isn’t even close to being washed. He’s played in 61 games this year playing around 16.6 minutes a night and is putting up a respectable 7/2.5 on 43/40% with 1.6 3PM a night. Not to mention he’s still throwing it down in both warmups and real games like he’s 34 or something. If I’m the Hawks there’s no reason Carter shouldn’t be given another one year deal, especially given their roster being so young and on the rise. Not only can Carter actually give you something on the floor, but he’s the exact type of guy you want around your young franchise players. I think we all were surprised when he went there this season, but it’s worked out perfectly for everyone involved so why not run it back for another season.

It’s no secret what a workout freak Carter is, so it really wouldn’t even shock me if we got to this same spot next year and he decided to keep this going into his age 44 season. Maybe he pulls a Brady and makes it to 45. That sounds crazy but this is a man still pulling off windmills with ease, that doesn’t exactly look like a player who is at the end of the road just yet.

So for all of us who love watching Vince play and didn’t want to see him ride off into the sunset this is great news. At this point as long as Dirk/Vince want to commit to playing it should be a rule that someone has to offer them a contract. It’s what the people want, especially when he’s doing shit like this