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A Bus Driver Abandoned 30 Kids At A Gas Station, Flipped Them Off And Told Them To Go Fuck Themselves

Complex- A Pennsylvania school bus driver has been charged with a DUI and 26 counts of endangering the welfare of children after reportedly leaving her vehicle with nearly 30 children inside at a gas station. The incident began Friday afternoon when Lori Ann Mankos, 44, appeared “agitated” as she drove students from Northhampton Senior High School. At first, the kids joked around about Mankos’ driving, but they soon grew concerned for their safety as she began to swerve through the streets. “When there was a turn, a right-hand turn and when she took it she was going far too fast,” Mason Persiani, a student on the bus, told WFMZ. “She ended up being halfway into the opposing lane of traffic.” In a video showing the students’ ordeal, one kid can be heard telling Mankos to pull over.

Before Mankos finally pulled over the bus at a gas station, Persiani remembers her telling them, “She ended up telling us to… go f**k ourselves and flipped us off. You know, stuck her hand in the air and flipped us off.” When Mankos suggested pulling over the school bus, and calling everyone’s parents to pick them up, the comment was met with a resounding “yes.” She parked the vehicle at a nearby gas station where she got off, and prevented the kids from gmaking their way out as well.

Okay first things first. Yes the bus driver shouldn’t have been drunk behind the wheel of a school bus packed with kids because that’s stupid and dangerous to everyone involved and blah blah blah but, in the famous words of Michael Jordan, fuck them kids. You’re gonna sit there and tell me you think this is 100% the fault of the bus driver? Get outta here. I’m serious. Stand up in whatever room you’re in right now and leave. Don’t continue reading the blog until you’re in a different room. We’ll wait.

You there? Okay good. Have you ever been around kids? I’m guessing you have which is precisely why this scenario can’t solely fall on the bus driver. It’s not possible to look at this situation and not blame the kids even a little bit. Either you completely understand why an adult would flick off 30 kids and tell them to go fuck themselves or you’ve never been around one single kid ever. Otherwise you would know that kids are the WORST and are incredibly mean. Especially school children. I’d bet my bottom dollar that those kids were bullying the bus driver about being a bus driver. Did they deserve what they got? Hard to say. Those kids can go fuck themselves.

I hope the driver ate all their lunches too