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LaMelo Ball May Have Finally Won Me Over With This Dunk

At this point I think everyone knows that I’m not a LaMelo Ball fan. I maintain my position that he’s an overrated, overhyped, cocky little shit who’s career will most likely end after he graduates from whatever unimpressive school he decides to attend. But I’m man enough to admit when someone makes a good play. This is one of those plays. A fast break bounce pass one-handed dunk off an alley oop is wildly impressive. I don’t care who you are. It almost makes me respect his game. I just can’t get over the fact that no one loves Melo’s game more than Melo. I understand it to a degree; when I first started dunking (nbd) it’s literally all I wanted to do. I was obsessed. Every time I touched the ball I’d try to dunk even if I knew it was impossible, which is exactly what Melo’s going through now. Dunking is still new and exciting to him so he’s doing it every chance he gets. The difference is I knew I was a loser and that my competition (50 year olds in Norwood, MA) were way below me. Melo acts like he’s playing in the NBA against the greatest players in the world, not skinny prepubescent high school students who haven’t fully grown into their bodies.


But that’s enough hate out of me. The dunk was good and that’s what this blog is about. Job well done. Hopefully he can keep it up so I can stop blogging stuff like this.

PS: Going to do some soul searching to find out why I’m so mean to Melo this weekend. Not sure if it’ll lead to anything, but I’m going to try.