Nickelback Catches An All-Time Ricochet Shot During A Congressional Meeting, And This Time Politics Have Gone Too Far

FOX“That’s probably about the percent of people who think Nickelback is their favorite band in this country. It’s pretty low,” Pocan said, before seeing Davis’ reaction. “And I think if you look at – Nickelback’s your favorite band? I apologize to the gentleman.”

Woah woah woah. What in the shit is this? I can’t believe that we’re in the year 2019 and people are still doing “Nickelback is bad” jokes. Let alone elected officials in congress. I mean these are the people who we have in charge of our country right now? People who don’t understand the fact that nobody actually dislikes Nickelback, but they just say that they do because they think that they’re supposed to dislike Nickelback? I’m sorry but I am absolutely, positively, one-hundred percent not here for that bullshit.

I can’t just sit back here and allow Nickelback to become a political weapon to further divide this country. First of all–because they’re Canadian. But second of all–because Nickelback fucking slaps and it’s about time that everybody starts admitting it. I truly believe that if there’s one thing that can finally bring this nation back together again, it’s admitting that Nickelback is actually pretty good and that we’ve all just been brainwashed to think that they suck. Don’t believe me? Well then I will give $500 million to anybody who can listen to “How You Remind Me” without nodding your head along to the sweet, sweet sound of excellence.


Guess how many people in the world are getting $500 million from me right now? Not a single damn soul.

You just lose total control of your body whenever this song comes on. Your head starts going. You start pounding away the air drums. It’s a fucking classic. And I’m just so sick and tired of everybody acting like they hate it because I know for a damn fact that nobody actually does. You don’t hate Nickelback because they’re trash. You hate Nickelback because you’ve given into the hivemind, groupthink epidemic that is crippling society. You hate Nickelback because you want to fit in with everybody else who says that they hate Nickelback.

I’m just glad that there are some politicians out there who aren’t afraid to speak the truth, even if it doesn’t necessarily align with what the polls are telling him to say.

Someday? Banger.

Savin Me? One of the most influential songs of the millennium.


Rockstar? Well…well that song kinda sucked ass. But every great band is allowed to have a couple of mulligans. At least the music video was sweet though.

At the end of the day, Nickelback put out plenty of heaters during their prime and it’s just a shame that we never got to fully enjoy them for what they were because the hivemind told us to hate them. I have an optimistic outlook on the future, however, and I see a ton of Nickelback being included in that. God bless America. And god bless Nickelback.