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Your Official Spring Break Oral Sex Round Up (Not Even Remotely Safe For Work NERSFW)

WOOO Spring Break! No Parents wooo! Eat some pussy on the beach! Suck some dick on stage at the bar! Woooooo! Thats what Spring Break is all about!

I’m sitting here wondering to myself if I could ever be this guy. Not the one eating box on the beach in broad daylight. I’d never be that guy. But the dude who’s grinding with that chick and, bam, next thing you know he’s getting his dick sucked. I guess when you’re in the heat of the moment and all the sudden your dick is getting a blow job you absolutely just stay put and let it happen? I dunno. A) I’m insecure about my dick size and B) Everyone has cameras on you and you got black guys hootin and hollerin in your face. Thats a pressure packed situation.

I’ll tell you what though – if I did get my D sucked on stage at the bar in Cancun and she just stopped after a few seconds and put it away I’d be fucking furious. Like finish the job babe. You wanna show off, show off. But don’t leave me with a halfsie and blue balls for the rest of the day.