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The NC Congressman Who Issued A Bill To Let NCAA Players Get Paid Has My Vote For President

[News Observer] - The bill, to be introduced by Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina next week, would amend the definition of a qualified amateur sports organization in the tax code to remove the restriction on student-athletes using or being compensated for use of their name, image and likeness.

“Signing on with a university, if you’re a student-athlete, should not be (a) moratorium on your rights as an individual. This is the time and the moment to be able to push back and defend the rights of these young adults,” said Walker, a former college athlete and vice chair of the Republican conference.

“It’s just odd that in our free market system that this is the one area where we say, ‘No. We’ll let you make money for the university, but you can’t have any access to your name or likeness,’” he said. “This is an earning opportunity for 99 percent of these student athletes who will never have another access to do something like this. It’s in that moment that your earning opportunity is prime.”

Live look at your boy reading everything I’ve screamed about for 3 years on this here site going into a bill:


I’ll be honest. I don’t give ONE SHIT about politics. But I will run as VP, I will vote, I will do whatever this guy wants if this bill gets passed. If this is what needs to be done in order for the dumbass way the NCAA defines amateurism to get changed so be it. I’m here for it.

I can’t stress how much this needs to be the way it is. I’ve said it multiples times but it’s worth continuing to bring up. The schools pay the players enough. They don’t have to pay anything extra. Just let the players make money off of their name, likeness and image. Let the free market dictate how much they are worth.

And guess what? No one should give a shit if it’s $1 or $1,000,000. That’s the beauty of letting the free market decide.

Guess what else? Things aren’t going to change in recruiting. Where are the top players going to go? I’d guess in football they go to oh, I don’t know, Alabama, Ohio State, Auburn, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, etc. I’d guess in basketball perhaps they’d go to Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, Carolina, etc. Seems familiar?

I know this is another popular response. ‘Well those schools with deep pockets will just pay more.’ Again, they are business people. They will pay more until there’s a bad investment. Then they won’t pay as much for the next one. That’s just how it works. And again, it’s not like those type of players are going to an A-Sun school or something like that to begin with.

So this man has my vote. It’s the first logical bill I’ve seen attempted to get passed for NLI payment. Let’s just make it happen already. Again, we cheer for laundry. We cheer because someone is wearing Kentucky blue, Carolina blue, Indiana red, whatever. We don’t care who that person is or if they received any money.