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Bears Sign A Couple Players, Amos Signs With Packers, Are We Getting Le'Veon Bell? And Other Bears News & Notes


Alright, it’s been a little bit since I’ve done one of these so I apologize for that. Running around chasing down bagpipers and UPS guys are a little bit more time consuming than one may think.

Let’s get into it though:

Bears Sign Buster Skrine…Which Likely Means Bryce Callahan Is Gone

I’d be lying to you if I told you that I know a ton about Buster Skrine, but here’s what I do know:

A) It’s great to add a guy named Buster to this defense

B) Matt Nagy is VERY high on him


I loved Bryce, but apparently from everything I’ve read the Bears were worried about his ability to stay healthy. Let’s hope this isn’t one that bites us in the ass as the nickel back is such a huge part of today’s NFL landscape.

We Have A New Running Back

Mike Davis looked good last year with the Seahawks when they finally made him a focal point in the offense. He’s a strong pass catcher which fits Nagy’s scheme and is also a solid downhill runner.

He’s a welcomed addition to the backfield, but it does make me nervous if this marks the official end of Jordan Howard.

I don’t know how they’d make a Howard/Davis/Cohen workload happen, but then I don’t know how comfortable I am going into the season with a Davis/Cohen/Rookie backfield. I understand that people didn’t like Munch’s role in the offense, but I still feel safe with the guy. It just sucks that he’s not what Nagy wants.

Will We Also Have Another New Running Back Named Le’Veon Bell?

A few things off the bat here.

1. I don’t really believe this report

2. I very much understand the theory of not giving a running back a huge second contract

3. Le’Veon Bell is genuinely one of the most enjoyable running backs I’ve ever seen in my life

His patience and burst is so fucking pretty that I’d take it home before Jennifer Aniston on most nights. The Bears offense goes from being a solid one to a scary good one with him.

But, with all of that said I just don’t believe the Bears will be able to make it work cap-wise and I also don’t believe that there’s much truth behind the tweet.

So until another report comes out that can make me believe the Bears are in I’m going to stop myself from prematurely ejaculating.

Packers Sign Adrian Amos


This just happened 30 minutes ago. Below is what I wrote before he signed with Green Bay.


What’s going on is that it doesn’t seem like the Bears are convinced that re-signing Amos is an essential move to their success.

The safety position is in a weird spot. Just last year/this year teams were releasing proven stars left and right while deciding that it’s a position that teams can cover up if they’re stronger in other areas on defense.

THEN…the Redskins went and did this:

I mean holy fuck Washington. That’s one way to zig while the rest of the league zags.

So the moral of the story on Amos is that he probably won’t be a Bear unless he meets Ryan Pace at his exact number which I’m sure isn’t as high as Amos wants. It sucks for him, but the reality is that if Pace feels comfortable signing a veteran on the cheap, and having him compete with Deon Bush than we have no reason to question it at the moment.

The same things ring true. If the Bears really wanted him we could’ve had him. But, now we’ll really see if it’s a mistake since we’ll play him twice a year.

The Bears Have Been Creative With Their Cap


The team, the team, the team. Big up’s to the boys for doing this and helping out our cap situation.

Shoutout to the agent.

We also re-signed Ben Braunecker on a 2-year deal that accounts for a $1M cap hit for 2019.

With that we’re looking at about $24 million left to spend this offseason.

We had about $13 million before Khalil Mack re-structured and now after freeing up 11 more I’m fully convinced that Ryan Pace has something big up his sleeve. We’ll find out soon.

Josh Bellamy Signed With The Jets

It’s been real, Josh.

No, but for real Bellamy was a good special teamer and a nice locker room guy. I won’t really miss seeing him in the offense though. That was always v frustrating.

I wish him luck with the Jets and in the AFC.

That’s it for now though. I’ll be back in probably 20 minutes once it’s confirmed we aren’t getting Le’Veon Bell or that we’re trading Jordan Howard for a 4th rounder.

Until then…

Bear Down.