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Cowboys DT David Irving, Whilst Smoking A Joint, Retires From Football After Saying He Gets "Concussions Every Day"

Some people are immediately going to disregard everything David Irving said during this Instagram Live retirement emergency press conference and that’s a shame. For starters, some people are dweebs and they see someone smoking a joint and in their narc ass minds that gives them the moral high ground to write off everything Irving said. “How are you gonna throw away a chance at millions of dollars just for a joint?” in the face ass. Whatever. Secondly, he brought up Kaepernick multiple times. That’s going to make a lot of folks just write him off entirely whether he’s right or wrong. It just is what it is, and he knows that. Everyone knows that.

The more terrifying thing from this video to me is Irving saying he’s been in multiple car crashes after games due to the daily concussions he suffers from playing in the NFL. The concussion issue had been pretty quiet since Will Smith played that doctor with the wildly terrible accent. It still came up every once in a while after a big hit but not nearly as much as it was the constant topic of conversation a few seasons ago. I imagine the NFL is already spinning this to call him a drug addict, saying that their doctors prescribe the medicines they do for a specific reason, and that they hope Irving “gets the help he needs” or some bullshit.

And while I’m a big advocate for medical marijuana, I always say that it isn’t some miracle plant that fixes every ailment known to mankind. Advocates for too long have been over-selling its helpfulness and it’s a stupid way to push back against ignorant old nearly-dead people in control of all the power. We don’t fully know what it does because scientists haven’t been able to fully study it freely until very recently in human history. We’re merely scratching the surface. The bottom line is that it definitely helps some people in many different ways. If Irving is saying it helps him, all power to him. He’s right that he and other players should be able to use it without fear of losing their livelihood. When he brings up the MLB, NBA, NHL, literally every other sport – he’s right. If the NBA was really testing for weed all 30 teams would be holding open tryouts to fill their rosters TOMORROW. The fact the NFL hasn’t seemed to even start reconsidering their marijuana policy is crazy when states every single year are ending prohibition directly in front of their eyes. Roger Goodell really is the crusty old dean from ANIMAL HOUSE.

You know when that policy will change? When these major marijuana companies will have access to deal with the banks. Once (if) the federal ban is lifted and these dispensaries don’t have to deal exclusively in cash, that’s when they’ll be able to start advertising. That’s when they’ll be able to buy up 30 second Super Bowl spots. That’s when the NFL will be able to make money off marijuana like everyone else. That’s when its players will be able to start smoking or taking edibles above the board and not in the shadows like it’s the fucking REEFER MADNESS era. And not a second sooner.