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Darnell Dockett's Twitter Game Is Air Tight



So I’m not sure how many people are following Darnell Dockett hitting on AJ McCarron’s girlfriend on twitter, but it’s freaking genius. It really is. Long story short, basically just like the rest of us once ESPN showed Katherine Webb Dockett was like “Man I’d love to stuff my dick into her”. So he took the next logical step and started stalking her on twitter. Sent her his phone number, started photoshopping pictures, putting smiley faces in his tweets etc. I actually got a bunch of emails from people who seemed to think Dockett screwed up by not DM’ing her his number and doing all this shit publicly. Saying that AJ McCarron made him look like a fool with his response. WRONG. Darnell Dockett knew exactly what he was doing from the word go. Obviously he didn’t mean to DM her because I’m sure Miss Alabama wasn’t following him so he couldn’t have DM’d her if he wanted to. Twitter doesn’t let you do that. Nope this was cold, calculating and brilliant.  Because I don’t care what you say chicks love knowing that guys want to fuck them, especially NFL guys. Yeah I know Katherine Webb is Miss Alabama blah, blah, blah. Big whoop. She’s still a chick and probably a cleat chasing whore. There is no way she’s not flattered by all this attention. All Darnell Dockett is doing is building the foundation. He’s laying the groundwork for a potential future fuck. Sure Katherine Webb is telling AJ that Dockett is an asshole, but she’s also probably snapchatting him on the side. Anybody who doesn’t think Dockett is closer to fucking this chick today than he was before he started tweeting her is a fool.  Getting a chick to think about what it would be like to fuck you is half the battle.