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Carmello Anthony Throws A Temper Tantrum Like A 2 Year Old After Getting Dominated By KG and the Celtics

NEW YORKWhile Kevin Garnett turned off his inner warrior and returned to his normal mild-mannered off-court personality just minutes after the Celtics‘ 102-96 win over the New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony was left raging, so much so that he tried to confront Garnett twice after the game, including standing feet from the team bus as the Celtics were boarding to leave Madison Square Garden. According to a video from Comcast SportsNet, Anthony stood as Knicks coach Mike Woodson tried to talk his all-star forward back into the arena and even Celtics coach Doc Rivers had a conversation with Anthony. He did not confront Garnett.The issues stemmed from the physical Celtics’ victory, and because the Knicks were switching so much defensively, Anthony was left to guard Garnett much of the second half. Anthony bumped and then Garnett bumped and trash talk ensued. With 9:03 left in the fourth quarter, both were assessed technical fouls after the two were uttering expletives at each other.

Barstool Philly

“Never before has someone talked more tough guy shit and never backed it up with actually being tough. Is he a good player? Absolutely. Hall of Famer.”

Barstool NYC

“Melo laid an absolute stinker of a game. 6-26 and lead the Knicks to a shitty loss against a shorthanded Celtics. Probably because Garnett was in his head. Which ordinarily would be such a sneaky awesome tactic. Guys like John Stockton and Gary Payton were the masters of that. Act tough and get you riled up and off your game and eat you up because you fell right into their trap. But the difference is Garnett constantly walks around like he is that tough and he is that gangster NBA thug. But when push comes to shove and one of the softest guys out there finally steps to you, you run and hide.”


I love it. The rest of the Barstool network is freaking out about KG right now. “Oh KG is the biggest fraud pussy in the NBA. He acts so tough and talks so much shit on the court, but when Carmello Anthony throws a temper tantrum and tries to fight him after the game he runs and hides. What a pussy, blah, blah, blah.” Hey I get it. If I was a Knicks fan or a Sixers fan I’d HATE KG too. How could you not? He does talk a ton of shit. He does get in your players heads. He’s an absolute motherfucker on the court. He’ll do whatever it takes to win. It’s all precisely why he’s been just about my favorite Boston athlete since he’s arrived. He is the quintessential you love him if he’s on your team and hate him if he’s not. Every franchise in the NBA would kill for a guy with KG’s attitude, not to mention talent and last night was virtuoso performance by him. Just mind fucked the shit out of Carmello Anthony on the court and then made him look like a 2 year old off of it. That’s KG. He’ll beat you physically, mentally, emotionally and every way possible. Even KFC and Mo admit that. That’s the beauty of it. Their entire argument on why they hate him seems to boil down to KG didn’t fight Carmello in the tunnel.  Or that he’s not tough off the court?  Like they wanted him to stab Carmello after the game or something. That’s why they are saying he’s a fraud. Umm don’t you fools get it? The fight was already over.  KG knocked him out cold and in the process sent a message loud and clear to the rest of the Eastern Conference that with a healthy Avery Bradley the road to the Finals goes through Boston.   I don’t want KG getting in back alley brawls like a thug.  When he says he’s loading up the Uzi’s I don’t want him literally loading up the uzi’s in the locker room like some NBA guys do.   Be an animal on the court for 48 minutes a night.  That’s all I fucking care about and nobody does it better than KG.  Bottomline is loses bitch and moan and pout in the tunnel. Winners get on the bus and get ready for the next game.