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How Many Decades Did Tonight Set Back Notre Dame Football?


Listen it takes a man with a huge dick to admit when they are wrong. Tonight I am that man. I was wrong about Notre Dame. They are not better than Alabama. I made a mistake. I guess I’m human after all. But it’s time to stop pointing fingers and playing the blame game. Instead it’s time to look to the future. The question now becomes how many decades did tonight’s debacle set back ND football? It’s not just that they lost. It’s that they were humiliated, degraded, embarrassed, cuckholded, manhandled on National Television. Manti Te’o went from a first round draft pick to a practice squad guy. The Irish would have 100% been better off losing to Stanford or Pittsburgh rather than have to go through that public execution. Because isn’t a loss you just bounce back from. This is program ruining. What recruit would ever want to go play for a team like that? I’d almost rather be Penn State right now than ND. That’s how ugly it was. So I’ll throw it out to the Stoolies? How many decades did tonight’s game set back the Irish?

Vote 1 for 10 years and 10 for 100 years.


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