This 4 Foot Tall Hoops Player Is An Absolute BALLER #HeartOverHeight

(absolutely savage Kyler ricochet shot)

Introducing your new favorite high school basketball player:

Tr3s Turner.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.02.26 PM

4 foot 4 in your programs, 20 feet tall in your hearts.


Everybody wants to snicker and laugh at the little guy…until they get their ankles snapped in half and watch a 4 foot blur blow by them and lay it up off glass while sitting on their ass.

Only thing I love more than this dude’s game is his attitude.

52847534_552595091918768_3391897332685341766_nScreen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.08.17 PM

“All my haters need a hospital, they too sick” – putting that in my AIM profile as we speak.

Oh, and his team is 26-4. 

Ball Tres Ball.


Everybody needs a diangelo in their comments #RideOrDieWithTheUnicornFam

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.08.47 PMScreen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.08.56 PM


Za said he’s out of shape right now, but give him 2 months and he’ll own his ass.

(via The NY Post, @r3eseeee)