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Quick Explanation On My Hate For Lebron And The Barstool Rundown

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I’ll be the very first to admit I got trapped, I’m not a small man, I’ll admit when I’m wrong or lost an argument and Dave put me in a pretzel, simple as that. My hatred for Aaron Rodgers is a deep emotional and psychological hatred and it trapped me, I can’t deny it. My only point with Lebron stands though. I hate him, I’ve always hated him, it’s just that when he won a Championship in Miami I had to realize that yeah, he is really fucking good and probably will go down as one of the best of all time. I accept how good he is at basketball, I don’t sit back and root for him or want him to succeed. Fuck I watched the 4th quarter of the Cavs/Jazz last night and I was very much rooting for the Jazz to win and Lebron to lose. I laughed when Gordon Hayward shut him down in a crunch time possession, it was awesome. But, as a fan of the game, if someone says hey big cat, turn it to ESPN, Lebron is going for 60, I’ll tune in and watch and be able to separate that moment for what’s it worth. I enjoy watching athletes at the absolute peak of their abilities perform on the big stage, that’s just me as a sports fan. I still hate Lebron and want the Bulls to smash his face in every time we play, but there is the part of my brain that accepts how good he is and can’t deny when he does something that no one else in the World can do. Simple as that. Sometimes I have to just sit back and be like, yup, Lebron is that good. Doesn’t mean I hate him less, if anything it makes me hate him more because I know he’s so good and I want my teams to always beat the best, it just means I can have a rational thought from time to time. I think that’s pretty reasonable no?




Also the reason why I said Dave’s “Lebron is the worst teammate in all of sports” was absurd was because yes, we do hyperbolize all the time here, but I don’t think Dave thinks that’s a hyperbole. I think he truly believes Lebron is the worst teammate of all time. If he doesn’t then I was wrong and that headline works as a hyperbole.  If he does, well then that’s just crazy in my eyes and if you want me to agree with Dave on every “Lebron is evil” Point, well then that’s probably going to make for a pretty boring rundown.



Double PS

Also no hyperbole on this, but if you’re a Cavs fan you have to pretty worried that Lebron refuses to get back on HGH right? He looks like a different guy right now.