Arian Foster’s Twitter Avatar Is A Shank Quote Saying The Texans Are Frauds

So this is Arian Foster’s new twitter avatar.   He’s got a Shank quote on there about how horrible the Texans are.  Without doing any research I’m guessing Shank also probably picked Houston to beat us a few weeks ago.  To be honest it’s kind of infuriating that Foster used this as bulletin board material.   I mean it would be one thing if somebody on the Patriots or if somebody with a shred of credibility said this.   But as everybody knows Shank is the most reviled human being in the history of Boston.  He doesn’t speak for us.  He’s not one of us.  He has no pulse on what any real fan thinks.  Nobody gives a fuck what he says or thinks. He’s wrong 99% of the time about everything.  Hell Shank probably wrote this and then DM’d it to Foster a million times till he put it up so he could get more radio time.  That’s Shank 101.    And more importantly he’s dead wrong.  Listen everybody knows I’m a Pats homer.  I picked the Patriots to beat the Texans by 30 the first time they played.  I also think Round II is going to be a blood bath.  I said it the second the first game ended.    Anybody who thinks we’re just going to roll over them didn’t really pay attention to that game and some of the shots that Brady was taking.   I’m telling you right now this is going to be a war.   Anybody who thinks differently is a fool.  Hence it makes perfect sense why Shank wrote this.