Nobody's Ever Been Cooler About Losing Out On $100,000 Than Robbie Lawler


As it turns out, UFC 235 was the night of sportsmanship and respect in mixed martial arts.

Shortly after slamming UFC newcomer Ben Askren on his fucking head…

…Robbie Lawler was caught in a nasty bulldog choke that appeared to put him to sleep, but was highly contested immediately when the fight was stopped and Robbie proved himself to be completely conscious…

Personally, I do think Lawler was out, even if just for a second, as do experts and analysts like Rener Gracie, Daniel Cormier, and Luke Thomas, but it’s impossible to tell. Still, Robbie Lawler couldn’t have been cooler about accepting the loss at face value – and losing out on his $100,000 win bonus – making his point to referee Herb Dean known, but doing so respectfully and humbly, telling him not to worry about it, and letting him know how great of a referee he thinks he is.

I love shit like this. You could probably tell that from the amount of blogs I’ve had on moments of the sort, including my last blog on Mama Woodley, but I just can’t get enough. It’s just such a drastic contract to the regular barbaric nature of the sport, I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of these bad mothafuckas just being cool, regular dudes. So shoutout to you, Robbie Lawler, for being a great fuckin’ dude.