Isiah Thomas Will NOT Let Calling A Game Stop Him From Hitting On A Woman In The Front Row

Goddamn Isiah. What a move this is. a little Player’s Only action on TNT but Isiah is proving his playing days are far from over. Got a little hot mature lady sitting in the row behind him so he does what any regular human would do.

You hit on her on national TV. You bring up to Grant Hill about them wanting to know what cologne they are wearing. Look at Grant Hill though. He’s sneaky the funniest part about this all. Hill wanted NOTHING to do with this. You can see him trying to get out of the picture.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 9.23.27 AM

Goddamnit Isiah. Why do you have to drag me into this? Now I have to answer questions. Can’t I just get back together with Bill Raftery and Jim Nantz for the Final Four already? 

I need to know what started all of this. There had to be some communication, right? Did this woman start any sort of conversation with Isiah? I have plenty of questions when it comes to the correct way to hit on someone on air.

Never change Isiah, never change.