MLB Destroyed My Brain In A Single Tweet

Before I even zoomed in on this I knew I was going to be extremely pissed off. One big troll job after the other. First steroids and now this bullshit.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 7.59.31 PM

Seriously what fucking planet am I on where we can float this narrative out there. The Cubs have average 97 something wins the last 4 years and just returned something like 98% of the playing time. I get the folks at Baseball Prospectus have special algorithms and all that fancy bullshit but really this isn’t that complicated: Theo Epstein builds baseball team. Baseball team plays games. Team wins significantly more than they lose.

I can stomach the fact that Baseball Prospectus is generally too socially awkward to appropriately grasp the importance of winning. But I can’t let that shit slide with MLB. It’s literally your league. Like yeah I know and you know it belongs to Theo in reality. But on paper and in the eyes of the law it’s your league, MLB. Figure it out one time.