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Danny DeVito Took Quite A Tumble At A 'Dumbo' Press Conference

So this is a thing that happened. Danny DeVito was walking onto stage at a press conference for the movie ‘Dumbo’ and he took quite a tumble. It was a tumble followed by a thud followed by the crowd gasping appropriately. It then took a couple people to help Danny to his feet and he was okay. I can’t get the sound the tumble made outta my head. THUD. A resounding and reverberating thud. Whether or not you choose to laugh at that video is up to you. It’s a free country. I’m not laughing right now but I was laughing a little bit earlier when I first watched the video. Danny DeVito is fine and he made a joke about the fall after it happened so I think it’s fine to laugh. Quite a tumble he took.

Did you know Dany DeVito is 74 years old?

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 4.51.17 PM

I was stunned by that. It makes the video a little bit less funny but still pretty funny.