Take A Minute Out Of Your Day To Watch Some Chinese Dude Run Into And Break A Glass Door

STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE COLD!!! I have rewatched this video 100 times because it’s fucking hilarious and I still don’t understand how this guy walked through that door. He wasn’t on his phone, the door has handles, and he isn’t a bird/animal/Michael Scott when he hears the ice cream man, so he understands that there is such thing as glass and you shouldn’t be run into a door made of it unless you want to go viral. Actually hold on a second.

*puts on Woke tin foil cap*

This entire situation was clearly orchestrated by the dude giving the speech. He knew that he had to talk in front of a bunch of media with running cameras and clearly had this sorry son of a bitch as his fall guy. If shit appeared to be heading south with the speech, the patsy had to take a fall into the glass door and create a distraction. You can deliver the best or worst speech in the world. But if it interrupted by someone breaking down and shattering a glass door, everything you said never technically happened. In fact, based on everything I have seen out of China on Donnie Does, I guarantee the job listing literally said Guy To Fall Through Glass Door To Create Distraction. Fucking China, man.