Nothing Says XFL Football Like Marc Trestman's First Promo As Tampa's Head Coach

I hope the AAF heard this shit! Better yet this is the kind of promo that might actually be making Goodell and the NFL squirm.

You go from Vince McMahon’s classic speech in 2000:


To this:

Nothing says the Xtreme Football League like Marc Trestman and I think I’m now in on the XFL. I’m actually in on whatever kind of team Trestman takes over as long it has nothing to do with Chicago. It’s like watching The Day After Tomorrow. Everybody loves a good natural disaster that’s really not that serious.

P.S. – Call me a white knight or whatever, I don’t care, but you’re probably an asshole if you drag his daughters into everything on Twitter. We can have fun with Marc. He’s a public figure…they’re not.