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Dude Jerks Off To Completion On The Subway

Gothamist - Eddie Going sent us this photograph, taken by Robert S.—who also photographer the horrible next moment (extremely graphic and disturbing NSFW photo here). The subject did not seem homeless—he apparently just needed a release right then and there… and then he wiped it on himself.

You know who always creeps me out when I see these type of pictures of weird disgusting shit on the subway? The people standing near the culprit. What the fuck is their deal? Just casually riding the 4,5 next to a guy who’s crackin stick. Are you fucking insane? There’s a dude RIGHT THERE with cum in his hands. Go use the other door or something you maniacs.

As far as the actual dick jerking perpetrator, I almost admire him in a way. There’s plenty of NYC Subway Perverts. Gropers and molesters touching other people. Not this guy. Just keeping it all to himself. And I respect that he went all the way with it. This isn’t just some guy flashing. He’s not just rubbing his dick. He’s straight up masturbating until he’s finished. Thats something special.