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Sales Of Chips, Cookies And Ice Cream Have All Gone Up In Washington And Oregon Since Weed Was Legalized

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NYP- Here’s something getting a nice high from recreational marijuana: snack food sales. Potato chip, cookie and ice cream sales all increased in Colorado, Oregon and Washington as recreational marijuana became legal in those states, according to a new study. Specifically, chip sales increased 5.3 percent, while cookie sales climbed 4.1 percent and ice cream purchases increased 3.1 percent in the aftermath of legalization, professors from the University of Connecticut and Georgia State University determined using monthly retail scanner data from 2006 to 2016.

“The increase in sales starts at the time of the legislation becomes effective,” said the findings, published in Social Science Research Network. Afterward, the snacking spurt decreased slightly for ice cream and chips, but not for cookies, according to the results. Colorado and Washington voters opted to legalize recreational use in 2012. Oregon’s recreational use became legal in 2015. “These might seem like small numbers,” said University of Connecticut assistant professor of economics Michele Baggio. “But they’re statistically significant and economically significant as well.”

Yeah no fucking shit dude. That should be the name of the report that revealed this super obvious information, yeah no fucking shit dude. Yeah no fucking shit the sales of snack foods have gone up since they legalized weed in places like Washington and Oregon. You think that’s a coincidence? It’s not. Weed is more readily available in those parts of the country and therefore more people are getting the munchies which means more people are buying snacks. Duh. It’s as obvious as 2 + 2 = 4.

People getting the munchies after smoking weed is a cliche at this point but it’s a cliche for a reason. That reason is that it’s true. If you’re not a nerd, you know what I’m talking about. You sit back, you smoke a little Devil’s lettuce and all of the sudden the only thing you wanna do is ski down a mountain made of chocolate ice cream.


This report is yet another reason why weed should be legal in every state Because it stimulates the economy. Do we want the United States to thrive? Pretty sure everyone’s answer to that is a resounding yes. Then we need to legalize weed in every state so it’s easy for people to get high as fuck and start spending their hard earned dollars on unhealthy snacks. It might lead to an increase in obesity but let’s focus on one issue at a time. Not to mention people being fat here is as American as apple pie.