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Would Your Coach/GM Fight About It?

It’s a simple question. Somewhere during a regular 4-hour Mickstape, we started talking about NBA coaches/general managers and if they’d fight about it. Not would they “win” the fight. Not would they “start” the fight. But if push came to shove and Magic Johnson was talking cash shit, would Dell Demps fight about it? The answer is probably no. In completely unrelated news, Dell Demps is unemployed. Food for thought.

Our theory, composed entirely from reckless conjecture, is that in order to have a successful organization going forward, you have to have at least one (1) of your head coach or general manager be willing to fight about it. Just one. If both are willing to fight about it, you’re probably in great shape. If neither are willing to fight about it, you’re probably the Orlando Magic. We go into explanations for each on this week’s show so without further ado:

Both Coach AND GM Willing To Fight About It

  • Atlanta
  • Brooklyn
  • Chicago (Does not count as Boylen and GarPax would fight each other)
  • Denver
  • Sacramento

Coach Willing to Fight About It

  • Cleveland
  • Dallas
  • Detroit
  • Golden State
  • Houston
  • Indiana
  • Memphis
  • New Orleans
  • Portland
  • San Antonio
  • Utah

GM Willing to Fight About It 

  • Boston
  • LA Clippers
  • Miami
  • NY Knicks
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Toronto

Neither Willing to Fight About It

  • Charlotte
  • LA Lakers
  • Milwaukee
  • Minnesota
  • OKC Thunder
  • Orlando
  • Washington

And there you have it. Some of these are still open for debate of course, just not in my mentions. Do it in Coley’s mentions. He likes that.

3 things stick out having seen this cockamamie idea finally written out:

1. I think every team in the “both” category is in great shape now and moving forward. Worth noting.

2. You HAVE to have at least one. Whether is Masai Ujiri or Quinn Snyder, one of your duo has to be with the shits. Otherwise, you end up like Charlotte, Orlando or Washington. Yuck, yuck and triple yuck.

3. Milwaukee and OKC are having great seasons by any measure…..except for the ones used here. Could first-round flameouts be in their future? The beauty of this is, even if they face off in the finals one will lose and I will refer back to this as the turning point for their failed season. Wow.

Until next time.