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If You Accuse Someone Of Being A Cheater On The Golf Course You Better Be Prepared To Get Headbutted Through A Glass Window

NYP- A South African golf tournament turned ugly when one competitor accused the presumed winner, named Mike, of cheating at the bar afterward. “You’re a thief, man. You’re a cheat!” was yelled across the clubhouse at Lake Club Benoni when the man charged at his accuser, head-butted him through a window and then punched him repeatedly. In a letter posted on its Facebook page, the club bemoaned the incident and the fact it went viral. “On behalf of Lake Club we duly apologize for the unfortunate situation that happened during our Club championship prize giving yesterday,” it read. “Please note that we do not accept nor condone any such behavior as we have obligation to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all our members and guests. It is very unfortunate that the video has gone viral as this is a once off incident and is not indicative of the fellowship we have at our club.


South Africans out here taking Club Championships incredibly seriously. We’ve got accusations of thievery and cheating which leads to somebody getting headbutted through a glass window. A lot of big talk outta the first guy that backfired in a hurry.

My main takeaway from the video is that you never wanna talk shit to somebody who leads with a headbutt. I mean who does that? Who goes headbutt right outta the gate? Not sure I’ve ever seen that before and I’ve seen a lot of fight videos. Not one has ever had a headbutt in the opening act. Headbutts are for when all the other options have failed. Throw a punch like a normal person. Obviously the guy throwing accusations around didn’t know he was dealing with a headbutter but boy did he find out REAL quick.

It was this moment right here that the guy realized he just engaged with a lunatic

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 2.10.47 PM

Dude is SHOOK. An ass full of shattered glass and and a heart full of fear is never where you wanna be. He then proceeded to get punched in the face a couple more times before bystanders finally bailed him out. Lotta bark and no bite from that fella.