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Rick Ross Is Dropping A Book About His Life So Now I'm Waiting For The Movie

(Insert Rick Ross grunt here)

The Boss! I was pretty fired up when I saw this, but not to read the book. I’m not the biggest fan of reading long form literature. It takes way too much of a time commitment and my brain just doesn’t have that kind of attention span. But I will tell you what I am fired up about. The book getting turned into a movie.

In this day and age it’s inevitable that any good book will get turned into a movie. If the content is that good it has to get in front of more eyes and people just don’t read books as much as they used to it’s that simple.

Rick Ross has a pretty insane life story. He went from being a scholarship college football player to a Correctional Officer to a drug dealer to a rapper. Thats the kind of twists and turns in a storyline that are made for Hollywood.  Not to mention the growth of that beard.

Image result for rick ross autobiography

They could do a movie on his beard alone that thing is FLAWLESS.

The guy who is writing this book is the same guy who wrote Gucci Mane’s memoir. I never got around to reading it but I always feel like people given a second opportunity to do something with the new knowledge and experience they’ve gained should do a better job the second time around so I’m fully confident this is the one that makes it to the big screen. I haven’t completely given up on the idea of a Gucci Mane movie but no rumors of the wheels being in motion on that project yet is troubling.

Rick Ross is just padding the portfolio at the point. He’s a platinum selling music artist, record label owner, entrepreneur, owner of many Checkers, Rally’s and Wing Stops (Lemon Pepper is overrated but to each his own), and now soon to be NY Times best selling author. The book comes out in September and who knows, maybe I’ll get off the wagon and start reading books again. Units Respect Units.