I Respect The Hell Out Of This 5th Grader Who Won A 3pt Contest With A Cocky Stepback Move

I fucking love this kid. I mean look at this move to WIN the 3pt contest:

That’s so goddamn cocky I can only respect it. It’s also a wet jumper. I mean this kid is draining shot after shot and has decent form for what looks to be a diminutive 5th grader. Most kids that age are using a push shot and not really actually shooting.

But, this kid? He’s got that mix of Steph and Harden in his game.


Set the defender up with a between the legs and then step back behind the what’s probably the high school level 3pt line. Fucking filthy.

How about the reaction to?  Just a full on celebration but he knew he was going to win. There was no doubt about it in his mind. Has that smile. Little high five. I love this kid’s game. Get Coach Cal on the horn right now.