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Guy Sentenced For Poking Holes In His Girlfriend's Condoms So They Could Get Pregnant And Stay Together

(SunNews) A Nova Scotia man who pricked holes in his girlfriend’s condoms to get her pregnant will have to serve 18 months in jail. During his trial, court heard that Craig Jaret Hutchinson had been dating the complainant for about nine months in 2006 when their relationship became rocky. He thought having a child together would be the best way to save their relationship. A Nov. 5, 2006, text message cited in court documents read in part: “I wanted a baby with you so bad, I sabotaged the condoms.” The woman, identified only as N.C., did get pregnant and had an abortion, after which she suffered “painful complications” for at least two weeks, court documents show.

As crazy as it sounds I’m actually pretty jealous of this kid. Dead serious. Because he loved something so much he didn’t want to lose it. Must be kind of a nice feeling, right? To love something to the point that you’re willing to sacrifice the rest of your life to hold onto it.

I envy crazy people. I always have. As much as I hate religion and think it’s totally nuts I’ve always had a soft spot for it. Because it must be pretty awesome to go through life “knowing” that when you die it’s the beginning, not the end. “Knowing” you go to this magical paradise that floats on top of clouds has to be pretty exciting. Or even just being regular crazy must be nice. Walking around talking to yourself and saying whatever the fuck whenever you want, never caring what another human being thinks about you. It has to be refreshing. We generally scoff at those people but they couldn’t care less.

Same goes for this guy. Sure we think it’s crazy and his girlfriend was probably a little upset but guess what? Doesn’t matter to him. He was in love. He wanted something to be true so badly that he didn’t care what anyone else, not even common decency, had to say about it. Must be nice.