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Patrick Beverly Was Traded By The Lakers And Cut By LeBron In Miami So He Talked A BUNCH Of Shit



Oh, well, I think, I THINK, Pat Beverly remembers being traded by the Lakers and then cut by LeBron in Miami. Call me crazy, but I’m not sure if he mentioned that at all. Seems like he remembers it a bit.

I love Pat Beverly strictly because he’s a lunatic. I mean a guy that can bust his ass like that night-in and night-out should be rewarded. I’d prefer he didn’t dive at guys knees or anything like that, but this sort of shit? Yeah, it’s awesome.

My favorite part is Montrezl Harrell – a dude who will talk to anyone in the world – egging him on. He’s trying to get Beverly to talk more. Smartly, Beverly knows that means he’ll get fined so he makes a joke out of it. I would do a lot to sit there and listen to these two with the chip on their shoulders just talk shit about people. I can’t imagine the roastings they give.

I will say this too. The locker room comment is ruthless. Imagine being a Laker and seeing that. The ONE THING you could always count on was being better than the Clippers. But, that’s even gone to the wayside. You aren’t better than the team that plays in your arena that people forget about.

In one word? Sheesh.