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Paddleton Is The Saddest Movie I've Ever Seen And Ray Romano Should Win Best Actor For It

Last week John Feitelberg recommended the Netflix movie “Paddleton”. He said it’s a dark comedy but also extremely sad. Being someone who likes to laugh but is also super depressed, his description of the movie seemed right up my alley.

And boy, without spoilers, let me just say this- I have never cried more while watching a movie. I cannot believe how well done and good the movie is, yet how incredibly sad it was. It’s sort of unlike any other movie I’ve ever watched- it’s so casually filmed and basically only has two characters- Ray Romano and Mark Duplass. And while Duplass was good, Romano absolutely steals the show. His acting is so good and so real, it was overwhelming at times. There’s no doubt in my mind that he should at least be nominated for best actor in next year’s Oscars, right in Steven Spielberg’s face.

Do I recommend Paddleton? Yes, no doubt. But you have to be in the right state of mind to watch it. Be prepared to weep. Be prepared to want to call up your friends and be like “I love you man”. Be prepared to want to call up your enemies and be like “my bad bro”. I’m not a big movie crier, like, at all. For some reason movies rarely move me to tears, if at all. But this one did it. I’d be shocked if anyone could watch Paddleton and not cry.

I give the movie 8.6/10 on the Natey Tomatoes scale.