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JWoww Claims Pictures Of Her Disgusting Ass Were Photoshopped (By Three Different Photographers)

#myass part 1!!!! My real booty lol make fun of mine not a fake one lol

Jan 2, 2013| Source: Keek.com


Dailymail – She was pictured flashing rather too much of her derrière on New Year’s Eve when her ultra short dress hitched up. But Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley is adamant that her rear end was photoshopped, and has posted a video of her bottom to ‘prove’ her point. There’s a picture going round of my derrière which is pretty disgusting, pretty vile,’ she says on the video posted on her Keek account. ‘To prove this picture wrong, I decided to video my buttocks because you can’t photoshop a video.’ However, her protestations appear to be in vain, with evidence from snaps of the same rear view taken by three different photographers showing a near-identical image.

Fucking JWow. First of all stop using big words like derriere acting like you even know what the fuck that means. Fancy words don’t fit you. Second of all three different photographers took the same exact picture of you from the same angle so how could it be photoshopped? What is every photographer out to get your nappy ass? Get out of here you dumb ho. You’re disgusting. Deal with it. If you just kept your fat mouth shut nobody would have even cared, but now everybody is talking about how gross you are. Well played.

PS – Obviously when you bend over and stretch your skin it looks better. Stand straight up and it’s flab city.