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I Don’t Get Why NFL Teams Hire Coaches That Just Got Fired For Sucking?


So by all accounts Andy Reid is about to be hired by the Chiefs. Apparently they beat out the Cardinals for his services. Meanwhile recently fired Ken Whisenhunt is also interviewing for all available positions and supposedly a hot commodity. Umm didn’t these guys just get fired for sucking? I mean Andy Reid’s Eagles were arguably the biggest bust and biggest joke in the NFL. His players literally quit on him half way through the season this year. The entire city of Philadelphia wanted to strangle him. So why are other people acting like he’s the 2nd coming of Belichick all of a sudden? Seriously what other job can you get fired from for being horrible and then get rehired two seconds later? Hey newflash. In a century of coaching Andy Reid never won a superbowl. NEVER. And he basically had institutional chaos this year. How stupid can other teams be? Does he have pictures of every NFL owner cheating on their wives or something? It’s bizzaro world stuff. It’s incest with coachings. Every team just recycling each other’s trash. No wonder we’re the best every year. We’re competing against morons.