Wake Up With One Of The Many Terrible Throws From Chuck Knoblauch, This One Hits Keith Olbermann's Mother In The Head.
Remember when Chuck Knoblauch couldn't throw from second base to first? Those were some TERRIBLE cases of the yips. I mean he was airmailing balls from 30 feet away. Just all mental with him. I know he's had some hard times recently, so I don't want to kick him when he's down, but god was he bad for a period of time.
Remember when he also threw a ball so far over the first baseman's head that it sailed into the crowd and hit Keith Olberman's mother in the head? Add this to the things I wish twitter was around for, because man the memes would have been good. He makes the play, tough play, but no where close to making that throw. I mean it's a good 20 feet over first base's head and into the stands.
I'd have been terrified to sit in that section behind first because of how damn bad he was. Also, Mrs. Olberman, hand-eye coordination, ever heard of it? How do you let a baseball hit you right in the face? Look alive for me.