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What Do People Think About the Florida Dude Who Sang The Fight Song By Himself After The Gators Got Humiliated, Demolished And Dominated by Louisville?

Florida - At the end of Florida victories, the team usually sticks around to sing the alma mater with the band.  But after Wednesday’s embarrassing 33-23 loss to Louisville in the Sugar Bowl, most Florida players couldn’t get off the field fast enough while others went to find their friends and family in the stands.  But one player stayed to sing his last fight song of the season. Junior linebacker Darrin Kitchens ran over to the band section, held his helmet high and proudly sang the fight song. It didn’t matter that he was the only one standing alone while his other teammates ignored his gesture.  According to the participation report, Kitchens never played in the game. Yet he seemed to savor this final moment and I’m sure the band appreciated his participation.

I can’t decide what I think about this guy? On the one hand I kind of respect it. Like just because you got your asses kicked inside out that doesn’t mean you should tuck tail and run into the locker room with your dick in your hands. Have an ounce of pride. Sing the fight song. Show that you’ll live to fight another day. Have a degree of class. Show people that Florida is more than trash talking front running fraud pussies. But on the other hand this guy doesn’t even play. And standing their alone just makes him look pathetic. Like if the whole team does it than it works. But when it’s one scrub it just reinforces what everybody already knows. That if you punch Florida and the SEC in the mouth they’ll run home and cry to momma.


Vote 1 for you respect the move and 10 for grow up dude


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