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GoT Fan Theory Of The Day: Is Gendry Cersei And Robert Baratheon's True-born Son?

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With the new Game of Thrones season 8 trailer out today (YOOOO shoutout Tormund for being alive!!) (Sorry, I need to talk about that a little bit more. My ex-best friend, we’ll call him Mark, told me over and over that Tormund was dead because “he fell off the Wall, dude!!” but LOOK WHO WAS RIGHT. IT WAS ME), it seems as good a time as any to talk a little fan theory.

This one is brought to us by Mashable, talking about Joe Dempsie who plays Gendry’s interview in Men’s Health Magazine where he references Gendry’s line about his mother– she had yellow hair:

The line Demspie refers to isn’t the only hint that Gendry could be Cersei’s true-born son. In Season 1 when Cersei is trying to offer Catelyn some comfort during Bran’s post-fall coma, she talks about her first son, whom she claims was stillborn.

Cersei also describes the baby as a “black-haired beauty,” which is extremely of note because all her other kids are blonde (since they’re actually Jaime’s). Remember that Ned only realized Cersei’s children weren’t Robert’s because the Baratheon “seed is strong,” and only ever produces dark-haired offsprings.

So, let’s have a chat about this. Just like, a freewheeling discussion of the implications here. IF Gendry were Cersei and Roberts TRUE born son, and not a bastard, he would have an equal if not greater claim to the Iron Throne than Daenerys does, because he’s a male. Robert took the throne from the Targaryens, who themselves took the throne from the Andals (and so on and so forth), so you can’t really say that anyone really deserves the throne by bloodline. After all, knowledge is not power, power is power.

But people really loved King Robert, and Gendry apparently looks a hell of a lot like him, so the power of Nostalgia alone might make the people want to follow him if he were indeed a trueborn son. Also, if he WERE Cersei’s, we’ve seen that Cersei will do anything for her children. She would easily take up his side.

The fact is, Gendry is probably not Cersei’s. The fact that his mom had “yellow hair” was probably just to prove that any of Robert’s kids would’ve had black hair. But it is mysterious when Cersei says that she had “never even visited the grave”, because it’s possible the child never even died? But then, why would they take him away from her? It doesn’t really make sense, but it sure would be fucking fun to watch Daenerys’ head explode if it were true.

I’d give this theory a 2/10 on plausibility and a 5/10 on ‘would make the show spicier’, overall a 3.5/10