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Parking Tickets Are Adding Up So Here Is A Winner

YTD is 69-70-1. Over the weekend I went from being the hottest gambler in the world back to mush in seconds. I need to get back and I will be putting four units on both of these and I see nothing wrong with trying to get out of the hole on a Monday.


Virginia -6 @ Syracuse

This is how this thought process went down. I thought of the doe and thought wow I should take Syracuse with all of these points. I soon remembered that Virginia is a very fucking good team with suffocating defense. Also their offense works perfectly against the Syracuse zone. Kyle Guy will have a field day beyond the arc and so will Jerome. I think they win this game by 10 and will be in control most of the game. Syracuse isn’t that great of a team and i feel like people are forgetting that.

Pick Virginia -6

Kansas State -1 @ TCU

This is the ultimate trap game. Big Cat convinced me to go against my will and now I love the pick. TCU has been hot garbage over the past few weeks and Kansas State I think is a very good team. Tonight is TCU night, so we all need to be aboard on this pick.