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Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher

CaliforniaA married high school teacher has been sentenced to six months behind bars for an 18-month sexual relationship she had with a student, which began when he was just 16. Megan Denman, 30, sobbed as the judge in Fresno County, California announced she would receive jail time for the crime and gave a teary apology to the courtroom for her actions. ‘Nothing like this will ever happen again,’ she said through tears. ‘Every day I live with the guilt and the hate for what I have done.’ …[She] will not have to register as a sex offender when she leaves jail as doctors said she did not have a ‘predatory’ personality… Denman, who married two years ago and taught social sciences and cheerleading at Hoover High School…pleaded guilty in October to three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and three counts of oral copulation with a minor. The boy was 16 and 17 during their affair. Denman’s lawyer, Roger Nuttall argued she should not go to jail.

If you had “3 days” in the “First Sex Scandal Teacher Story of the Year” pool, come claim your prize.  This is exactly what I meant in the year end SST wrap up when I said I no longer worry that these stories will go away.  As long as there are depraved, sex-starved women in the classroom willing to throw their careers away and horny teenage boys willing to help them do it, teacher-student sex will be a source of energy more plentiful, renewable and abundant than wind, solar and hydro put together.  Is Megan one of the greats?  No.  But not a bad start to the year.  She’s your first tee shot of the season where you’re happy you kept it in the middle of the fairway and you’ll worry about distance once you get your swing grooved.

The Grades:
Night and day from that yearbook candid photo to the courtroom shot of Rusty the Baliff hauling her off to the Stoney Lonesome.  From a fairly doable slumpbuster to someone who looks like a drunk chick who got into a fight at the Train concert and is upset she’s getting kicked out before “Hey Soul Sister.”  I’m going to go with the first picture, which is cuter, though you can tell she is what Hannibal Lecter described Fredericka Bimmel: “A big girl? Large? Roomy… through the hips…” Grade: C-
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
Married. Confirmed, under oath sex and BJs. And best of all, a doctor stating for the record that just because she seduced a teenage student in her care doesn’t make her a predator.  The guys who walk into Chris Hanson’s kitchen would like that guy’s number. Grade: B
“Hoover” was the name guys in Weymouth gave to a girl who could suck like a vacuum.  And how long did she search the law directory before she found an attorney with sexual double entendre for a name? Well played, Megan. Grade: A
Overall: C+. 
Like I said, not a bad breakfast ball. But after the last 4 or 5 years I have every confidence we’ll do better.
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