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It's Bracket Season And The New Chicagoan Put Out The Worst Top 8 Bracket Of Chicago Icons

Chicago people bracket

1) Michael Jordan

8) Mike Ditka

2) Richard J Daley

7) Al Capone

3) Kanye West

6) Chance The Rapper

4) Barack Obama

5) Oprah Winfrey

al capone

It is officially BracketSZN and the New Chicagoan put out their top 8 people and quite honestly I am disgusted. I love Chance The Rapper as much as the next guy. I stole his album art to iconize Corey Crawford and I’ve tweeted that picture roughly 504 times

crawford chance

I know they were trying to do sub-categories inside of these rankings, but ask Joe Lunardi if that matters. He would be disgusted. You want the best teams in the highest spot regardless of their conference. Fair is fair and under that scenario there is NO way you can make Coach Ditka the 8-seed. The Coach is a power house. He should never be the lower seed.

And if the New Chicagoan really did want to keep it to subcatogories…put Ditka in the politics match-up. Give us the one match up we all have wanted to see since 2004. And by “we” I really mean Coach. Obama vs Ditka for all the marbles. Once and for all. Let him live out that hypothetical Senate race. He’s been saying he could’ve prevented the entire Obama presidency had he got in the race. If you’re the New Chicagoan you have to give Ditka that satisfaction. If Ditka wins in the Bracket then he gets to claim Obama’s presidential library. Fair is fair.

My favorite hypothetical matchup was Daley vs Capone. One was the most imfamous crook in the history of the city and the other one was Al Capone. I think you have to give the edge to Daley. He left a lasting legacy on the city of Chicago and that name still carries weight today. Capone just left with syphillis.

Playing by their rules I think this bracket comes down to Jordan vs Oprah. Oprah is that powerhouse people kind of forgot about. Lurking dangerously as the 5 seed. The one nobody wants to play. Oprah has the money, the power, the likeablility rating. She could probably be the President for real if she wanted to. It’s a coin flip matchup. It’d come down to the last possession. And in that scenario…nobody beats Michael.