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Allow Me To Introduce You To The Ultimate Cat Lady

(HuffPo)How do you like her meow? Fran Bailey, 23, has the faces of five deceased cats tattooed on her back, the Mirror reported Wednesday. The resident of Newtown, Wales told Chester First back in October that she had gone to a rescue center and asked for “the most ill and unloved cats they had so that they would have somewhere to go.” She ended up taking in five cats with feline AIDS — Tinky, Woody, Mr Brush, Mr Spock and Bella. All of them ended up dying from the fatal condition. “I love my cats and I love my tattoo,” Bailey told the Mirror. “A lot of people who have lost pets can relate to it.”

Blog on this was actually going to be me trying to guess the personalities of all these cats. Then I scrolled down a bit and lo and behold, Fran has a video doing exactly that for me.

Think it’s safe to say this broad is the most perfect cat lady in history. Cat lady name like Fran, check. Back full of tattoos of your dead cats, check. Owner of a tattoo parlor named after cats with cat paintings and cat dolls all over the place, check. And the grand daddy of them all: calling your cats Mr. or Ms. anything, double check. Congrats, Fran. You nailed it.

PS – you know what the weirdest part of the story about a lady with a cat mural tattooed on her back? That she adopted cats with AIDS. Basically taking something home just to watch it die.

PPS – is the a picture of a young Hoff in the first tattoo parlor?