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Pete Davidson Must Have An Incredible Dick Because He's A GROSS Kisser

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 11.25.40 AM

My good pal Ria blogged the happenings with this kiss. She did a bang-up job with it but I need to add something that might be a little ugly. We cant just let this kiss linger out there like a stale fart because that’s what is it. This is the personification of a stale fart kiss. This is a stale fart kiss. Look at it. It looks like a stale fart sliding in Kate’s mouth ever so gently and leaving the taste of White Castle onions behind. In fact, it makes me sick. White Castle Onion Fast Kiss. In 2019? For shame, Pete. FOR SHAME.

You guys know I love love. I love the shit out of love. Hell, I normally love kissing and holding hands but this is just too much. Seeing the gap of a tongue sliding in her mouth made me literally wanna puke up every ounce of saliva that’s ever entered my body through the passion of a kiss. After watching this kiss, I never wanna kiss again. Do you know how much it takes for me to say that? Me? I LOVE kissing but I feel like it’s ruined for me. In fact, I might cut my dick off.

Watch this video and tell me with the straight face that you ever wanna kiss again.



Again, he probably has a good dick. No denying that. Great dick game. Terrible kisser. Gross kisser. That’s all I’ll say about that because I dont want rumors about him starting.