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The PLL Becomes The First Pro Sports League To Officially Announce Team Rosters With Bitmojis. Can You Say "Sport Of The Future"?

Lacrosse is the sport of the future. Everybody knows that. But there’s a difference between talking about it being the Sport of the Future and actually backing it up with some action. Earlier today, the Premier Lacrosse League did exactly that.

As we’re all well aware of by now, the inaugural PLL season gets going on June 1. It’s a tour-based league which will feature 6 teams all playing at a centralized location every weekend. So there are no home teams, there are no away teams, everybody is just floating from city-to-city. So right away, the PLL is already unlike any other professional sports league out there. But when the league was first launched in the fall, one of the biggest questions was how and when they were going to split up the teams. We got the answers to those questions today and we got them directly from the players, who all announced which team they had been selected to with some Bitmoji graphics.



^ personal favorite right here. Looks just like ‘em.

I’ve been waiting all morning but it’s starting to look like I’ll be hitting the Free Agency market to start the season.

Still a little butt hurt about it but whatever. This is the future looks like, ladies and gentlemen.

Baseball is an old and dying game. I bet the MLB doesn’t even know what Bitmojis are. Do you think for one second that NFL teams would ever let the players announce their own signings like this? Of course not, because the NFL is a dictatorship and they’d never want to surrender any of the power away to the players themselves. As we’ve seen with the Carolina Hurricanes recently, you’re not allowed to have any fun in the NHL so in no world would the NHL ever announce team rosters with the usage of Bitmojis. And as far as the NBA goes…well I could actually see the NBA pulling off a move like this, but the PLL already beat them to the punch.


So there you go. The 4 major professional sports leagues in North America are all being left in the dust by the PLL, and there’s nothing that the haters can do about it. We’ve been saying for years now that lacrosse is the sport of the future. As it turns out, the future is here and the future is now.

And oh yeah, here are the inaugural rosters for this summer.


Obviously all of these teams are complete and total wagons. It’s all the best lacrosse players in the world condensed into just 6 rosters. But if I had to pick who we’ll be seeing playing for the Crown at the end of the summer, I’m going with the Chaos vs Chrome. Basically an NLL All Star Team vs the Duke All Star Team. Not really much more you could ask for in a championship series between those teams.