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Sad Times: Can Emily Ratajkowski's Husband Not Afford To Pay Rent?

Oh no.

NY Post - The millionaire movie-producer hubby of model Emily Ratajkowski is living rent free in the couple’s Noho loft thanks to a legal loophole meant to protect struggling artists, his livid landlord alleges.

Filmmaker Sebastian Bear-McClard, who’s worth an estimated $12 million, has allegedly stiffed the landlord out of $120,000 for the unit at 49 Bleecker St. since 2017, claiming protection under the state’s Loft Law, a building rep said.

Bear-McClard, 31, who married “Blurred Lines” music-video dancer Ratajkowski, 27, last year, has subletted the 1,100 square-foot pad on the second floor of the former manufacturing building since 2013, court records show.

After his lease expired in 2017, he hasn’t paid a penny of the $4,900 monthly rent since then, claims lease holder Antoni Ghosh in Manhattan Civil Court.

Daly said what Bear-McClard currently owes is “now over $120,000.”

This is just awful. Prayers up to Emily Ratajkowski as it appears she has been hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, and lead astray. She thought she was marrying a super millionaire, filmmaker Sebastian Bear-McClard, but it turns out the guy can’t even pay rent. Our sweet prince Emily deserves better. She basically married into the human version of the Fyre Fest. Have you ever heard of Sebastian Bear-McClard? That name has quite the “Billy McFarland” ring to it if you ask me.

I hope Mr. Ratajkowski gets himself together. This is a bad look for him. If he needs a little help paying the rent, get a job. A nice 9-5 to pay the bills. Ain’t no shame in that. Maybe pick up bartending part time if you need to? There are plenty of options. Hopefully he can swallow his pride and start paying rent again, otherwise he might leave Emily with no choice but to find herself a blogger.


Can they not even afford clothes either? I’m getting worried.


More details as I hear them.